Bicycle routes

On these pages you can find the bicycle trips my wife and I made in the Czech Republic in 2009. Moreover, you can download GPS tracks of these trips, so you can follow in our tracks.

We have spent quite a bit of effort to create really nice bicycle tracks that avoid main routes as much as possible. We bought quite a few maps to do it. You can save yourself money and effort by following in our tracks. No guarantees for success though.


A very nice trip in the South-West of the Czech Republic (Bohemia).

Lhenice-Vodnany-Bavorov GPS track


Also in Bohemia, not far from České Budějovice, this trip takes you from the campsite in the village of Chvalsiny to the beautiful castle of Hluboka.

Chvalsiny-Hluboka GPS Track


A beautiful trip through the South-East of the country. Because this is a relatively flat area, this trip is not very hard even though it’s a bit longer. Only the last bit is hilly, so you can enjoy a well-earned meal on the terrace of the restaurant in Strachotin.

Strachotin-Lednice-Mikulov GPS track


This trip runs through the South-East of the country, in the Brno area. It has some pretty hefty climbs, so be well prepared. The town of Znojmo is a gem with great vistas over the flats to the south.

Misovice-Znojmo GPS Track


This trip takes you from the campsite in Bityska (Brno area) to Rosice and Bystrc. It takes you through nice forests and natural areas.

Bityska-Rosice-Bystrc GPS Track


Close to Krkonošský National Park in the North-West of the country, this trip has great vistas all around.

Vrchlabi-Hostinne-Studenec GPS Track