Renamer helps you change the names of your files to a format that you really like. For example, it’s useful for giving your digital photos a logical name. Or when streamlining your collection of MP3 files

Renamer has a very simple one-window approach to renaming. Renaming is done in 4 easy step. First, take a look at the Renamer window:

Renamer main window

The steps for renaming are as follows:

Step 1: Select the files to be renamed by pressing the ‘Select Files’ button.

Step 2 (optional): Fill in any combination of text parameters you desire for the rename operation. Possible parameters are:

  • Text replacement: Enter a ‘from’ text and a ‘to’ text in the textboxes under point 2. When renaming, Renamer will replace all instances of the ‘from’ text with the ‘to’ text.
  • Regular expressions: Select the ‘Use regular expressions’ checkbox and the ‘from’ and ‘to’ text will be interpreted as a regular expression. This is a powerful tool with which you can replace certain patterns of text. See the help file for more information.
  • Change case: This option allows you to select a case format for the resulting filenames.

Step 3 (optional): This step controls what happens to any numbers in the filenames. You have the options of using an offset (the offset will be added to each number within the filenames) or a start number (the filenames will receive a consecutive number).

Step 4: Press the ‘Test’ button to see the effect of the rename action. Then, if you are happy with the results, press the ‘Rename Files’ button. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can press the ‘Undo’ button, to undo the rename operation. Note that the ‘Undo’ button will be disabled as soon as you change any of the rename parameters or press the ‘Clear’ button.

It is important to realize that the parameters are not cleared after a rename operation, so they can be used for another operation. Therefore, you should press the ‘Clear’ button if you want to continue with a clean slate.

Go to the Download page to download Renamer.